The NACF is comprised of three sectors, namely civil society, business and government. Each sector is represented by ten members nominated by their respective constituencies.

The NACF was established to combat and prevent corruption, build integrity and raise awareness, and was launched in South Africa in Cape Town on June 15th, 2001.

The 3rd National Anti-Corruption Summit was held from 4 to 5 August 2008. Click here to peruse the adopted the Resolutions.

The Forum is Committed To:

  • contribute towards the establishment of a national consensus through the co-ordination of sectoral strategies against corruption;
  • advise government on national initiatives on the implementation of strategies to combat corruption;
  • share information and best practice on sectoral anti-corruption work;
  • advise sectors on the improvement of sectoral anti-corruption strategies.

The Public Service Anti-Corruption Strategy has been developed for the Public Service in order to give effect to the expressed commitment of Government to fight corruption in the Public Service.

In accordance with the resolution of the First National Anti-corruption Summit, this strategy represents a further step towards Government's contribution towards establishing a National Anti-corruption Strategy for the country.

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